Business case Candy Gold
Development of a marketing strategy, optimization of business processes , rebranding
Business case Candy Gold
Development of a marketing strategy, optimization of business processes , rebranding

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  1. Candy gold is a company with a 16-year history, in the last 3-4 years it has been losing ground.
  2. The company is at the stage of business diversification and expansion, the business owner buys expensive European equipment.
  3. The company's focus is on bulk format products and on the OSDO sales channel (wholesale markets).


  • Create a marketing department that meets the requirements of the category (development and promotion);
  • Business systematization, strategy development, including vision of mission and values;
  • Identify areas for business expansion, form a new product strategy;
  • Develop brand positioning, rebrand the main brand;
  • Develop and introduce a brand of the chocolate bars category to the market.

The new strategy of the parent brand


When it comes to sweets, we are all a bit of children. Our dream is that everyone can feel like a child at least for a moment.


Become one of the major confectionery manufacturers in Central Asia. To do this, we create successful brands and offer them to various customer segments. To produce new and innovative products from high-quality products to share joy with people.

Consumer segmentation and portfolio strategy

Key product strategy changes:

  1. Meet the interests of consumer segments;
  2. Create branded products for individual use;
  3. Changing the distribution format from passive, when the product merges into the OSDO channel and is randomly distributed through other channels, to active with the delivery of the product to each category of outlets.

Rebranding Candy Gold

Positioning - Moments of joy, each new pop-up message from an expected person or a like gives us a minute moment of joy. Exactly the same as a bite-off piece of cookie or a piece of candy eaten gives it. Therefore, we combined the moments of consuming Candy Gold with the joy of a pop-up icon with a like. Like is mainly associated with the heart and the red-pink color of the logo organically characterizes it. Corporate slogan – Every day is joy.

Запуск торговой марки DOZA


A very complex category in which the key competitors are international players with many years of experience. We need to create a unique brand that reflects the new trends of teenagers as much as possible. Taking this into account, we immediately took the focus on outrageous and provocative – otherwise we simply would not stand out against strong competitors.

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