We develop a marketing strategy for companies at different stages of growth.

What marketing strategy is?

Marketing strategy is most important part of strategy of a company and defines long-term plan.
The main target of marketing strategy is increase profits of company, Improving market positions and full contentment of the needs of target customers.
Usually marketing strategy is developing for 3-5 years.


Stages of marketing strategy realization
1.  Analysis
2.  Development
3.  Tactics and implementation
4.  Control


Business analysis – history, products, internal data, structure, business-model.
Consumer analysis, segmentation, analysis of competitors and market
SWOT analysis


Segment targeting –
based on the results of the analysis phase and the SWOT report, the target segment of customers is determined
choose competitive strategy for Porter: Cost leadership, differenciation or focusing
Developing of 5P strategy:
· Defining the portrait of the ideal consumer and
developing Brand platforms;
· Products strategy;
· Distribution strategy;
· Cost strategy;
· Communication strategy: creative frame and media strategy ;

Tactics and implementation:
Defining tactical goals and an action plan to achieve the goals
Setting KPI


Keeping our finger on the pulse - continuous monitoring of results
Correction as needed.

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